TUE, SEP 17, 6:00PMImpact hub

Customer centric development

Hosted by Sharad Mohan, the Co-Founder & CEO of Trainerize organized by Kroon Studio and Startit Center.

The meetup will take place on Tuesday, September 17th at the Impact Hub at 6 PM. The guests will have the opportunity to hear the amazing story about how Trainerize, by listening to their customers' feedback, became a platform used by more than 30K trainers on a daily basis in order to be in touch with 400K people all over the world who are determined to change their habits and set healthy lifestyle goals. Trainerize is driven by the idea that clients should be an inspiration behind every decision and every change introduced by the company.

Trainerize started out with a successful consumer-facing app for Blackberry, but then the iPhone came out, Nike got heavy into consumer fitness apps, and the industry was flipped upside down almost overnight. Everyone expected that Trainerize would just stop developing the app, but the company wasn't quite ready to give up. Trainerize decided to get in touch with their users and in doing so discovered that many of the users were personal trainers and fitness clubs looking for ways to strengthen the connection they had with their clients and members and to drive engagement through technology. This was a huge discovery that inspired the company to use the existing technology as the foundation for what is Trainerize today — an app for personal trainers and fitness clubs.

Today, Trainerize is a product-driven company that is still in touch with their users on a daily basis. They pay special attention to how the customers respond to each of their offering, and are proud to say that they are one of the biggest customer-financed companies in the world.

The entrance is free. Anyone who is interested in going to the meetup can confirm their attendance by submitting form.