How it works?

Whether it’s a one man band or a symphony orchestra you need, our thing is a simple 3 step process where we work together to get your team ready.

01Discovery Phase

This is the initial and most important step to any successful product development. Through our discovery phase workshops we get to fully understand your business, brand and technology behind your product. All of this to make sure we assign you with a team of engineers, designers and product experts that will perfectly click. CLICK.

02Team and office set up

We kick off recruitment process that is carefully designed to equally consider the level of expertise someone can bring to the table, as well as how they will behave around that table.

These are steps:

  • Cultural fit interview
  • Test task
  • Technical interview
  • Final client interview (optional)
In the meantime, we are getting your office space ready by taking care of everything - from desks, chairs and computers, to your logo on the wall.

03Production kick off

Our favorite part of each collaboration. This is where we actually start the production process and deliver results. All the way we make sure that your team is performant, focused, happy and that all processes are followed through by providing supervision and management assistance.

One fee to pay it all

Depending on the number of talent, their seniority level, all of our services come as a single all inclusive fee.

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