Disrupting the financial system with Lykke

HQ: Zurich, Switzerland

Fin-tech industry

Decentralized 150 people team

B2B and B2C

About Lykke

Lykke is an ecosystem of financial and digital products that leverages groundbreaking technology. Financial system as we know it, is broken, Lykke brings the knowledge, tools and means to people to be free and happy. Awwww.


Established complete production team in 8 weeks


Increase in registered users and quality leads who are proceeding into the sales funnel


Stremlined production process and communication

Thank you Richard for this recap!

You made our moms proud.

Kroon helped us set up Lykke product team skilled to address all phases of product development, from conceptualization to design and implementation.

Our Belgrade team was able to quickly secure few crucial positions for Lykke, including head of the design, project and product managers, UI/UX designers, mobile and web developers. We are proud of their achievements and how our product and processes improved since we started working together, and of the fact how quick and easy it was to align our Belgrade and Zurich offices.

Kroon team shaped and branded our complex set of digital and financial products in a way that is more aligned with our mission and vision.

They helped us gain a fresh perspective on how we are perceived in the eyes of our users, and differentiate ourselves from the pool of look-alikes, making our brand and our products stand out.

Our skillful team of UX and UI designers made our web and mobile apps aligned with the latest design trends, enabling our users to enjoy a good looking, easy to use apps.

Our developers took it to finalization through streamlined process that was carefully analyzed and tailored to our needs in cooperation with Zurich and Belgrade product management.

Richard Olsen

CEO Lykke


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