We give a funk.

It’s never just about the idea, it’s about the team that can bring it to life. We changed the way we operate to support your business growth.

What’s the difference? A team that actually gives a funk!

We are a digital agency that builds dedicated product teams.

Cross-functional product experts are solely committed to one single client instead of sets of tasks per project. This increases commitment level, efficiency and streamlines all the efforts towards the same business goal.

Let’s remove the agency from “working with an agency” and leave the team and the product to bond on a deeper level. Because it’s your brand, your business and it should be your team!

How it works?

What’s in it for you?

Kroon Studio is a core part of our team.

Sharad Mohan

CEO Trainerize

Kroon helped us set up Lykke product team skilled to address all phases of product development.

Richard Olsen

CEO Lykke

Kroon led the way in agile scrum methodology. We were very happy with that approach, and consequently transitioned to agile scrums as a business.

Daniel Lynton

CEO LyntonWeb

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